Dual Roller Blinds – Replacing Traditional Curtains in Modern Melbourne Homes

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Browse through a handful of Melbourne homes and you will instantly see that modern design has phased out traditional drapes and heavy curtains in favour of modern, sleek looking roller blind. In fact, Dual roller blinds, which provide both functional and aesthetic benefits in window furnishings, are one of the most sought after blind category in the home improvement and new build sector.

One person who has spent over 35 years opening homes for inspection and selling them at auction for decades is prominent Melbourne Real Estate Agent, Rodney Morley. He acknowledges that architects and designers of modern properties are choosing dual roller blind now more than ever.

“Dual roller blinds are certainly becoming one of the staple design items in homes and apartments throughout Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs, and beyond,” he says. “I am also noticing an increase in motorised roller blinds, especially in luxurious living areas. It is obvious that dual roller blind have taken the place of curtains and drapes.

This property know-all believes the reason that dual roller blind are so common nowadays is because “you can get the same functionality as curtains, but with slimline designs which are easy to clean and maintain, and do not collect dust.”

It is hard to fault dual roller blinds. They offer many variations when it comes to levels of privacy and light control, and they can also provide complete block-out in a split second.

“I actually have dual roller blinds installed in my home, and I love the flexibility they offer, as well as their minimalistic style which complements our home,” adds Rodney Morley.

“Blinds are often overlooked as an insignificant feature of the home, but more and more, I see home buyers commenting on the window features as they walk through open homes. Today, I think people have higher expectations and want both beautiful and practical blinds in the property they are purchasing,” says Rodney Morley.

With an enormous range of fabric choices and colours available in this blind category, even the most discerning home stylist will be able to select roller blinds to suit their taste. Throughout Melbourne and Australia, blinds suppliers and manufacturers are offering competitive rates on dual roller blinds and the added function of motorization to your newly installed blinds.

It is worth finding a local blinds supplier who will guarantee quality and professional installation, as this feature can truly enhance your space and create an appealing vibe at any time of day.

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