The Right Blinds can add Value to Melbourne Homes

With the many modern blind options now available, from venetian to translucent blinds, and roller blinds to vertical drapes, choosing the right blinds these days can be a tricky decision. But evidence is showing that installing new, and well suited blinds can score you a higher sale price when putting your property on the market […]

How to Install Dual Roller Blinds?

Install Dual Roller Blinds

Install Dual Roller Blinds Dual Roller Blinds in Melbourne are becoming increasingly common. Many people are discovering the great benefits of this marvellous window furnishing. Not only do double roller blinds save you money, but they save you space too, while providing a minimal feel and modern aesthetic to your home. If you are a […]

The Origins of Venetian Blinds for Windows

Venetian Blinds for Windows

A common fixture in today’s society, Venetian Blinds in Melbourne can be found in many homes across the city. Not only are they aesthetically a contemporary and streamlined blind, they also prove really easy to clean; only requiring the brush of a vacuum across the blades. The greatest thing that venetians bring to the table, […]

Roman Blinds – ‘Trending’ for 2000 years

Blinds Melbourne Victoria

Here in Melbourne, Roman Blinds are a popular choice as a window furnishing option, but few know where this timeless Roman Blind design originated. Approximately 2000 years ago, during the construction of the famous Colosseum in Rome, the Roman Blind concept came about. Dust from the horse-drawn carriages and building remnants were constantly entering through […]